Revolution is an indoor skatepark and climbing centre for Skateboards, BMX, Rollerblades, Scooters and all types of Indoor Climbing, located in Broadstairs, Kent, England. As well as having a premium Skate, Surf and Climbing shop, we also offer lessons, parties and a mobile skate setup.

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Revolution Skatepark

Kents premier indoor skatepark since 1998

Childress Goldfish bowl

In the beginning...

Revolution Skatepark was first opened back in 1998 to cater for the large amount of Skateboarders, Inline Skaters and BMX'ers in the Thanet and Kent area, as well as reaching out to other skaters all across the country and even the world. Since the Skatepark opened over 16 years ago, many pro teams and riders have visited, including Chet Childress (above), Tim Brauch and Darren Navarette only one month after the Skatepark opened as well as many teams, such as Blind, Think, Venture, Death plus many more.

Revolution Climbing Centre has been open since December 2002 and so far offered a great climbing experience for all abilities and ages. As a late addition to the Skatepark, the Climbing Wall at Revolution has all the facilities needed to offer even the most talented of climbers a challenge.
Since the Skatepark and Climbing Centre was first designed, there have been many changes to improve it and keep it exciting. In the last few years we have created two new bowls, surfaced the whole street course, and even built an extension to the park with a brand new warehouse (below). The climbing centre is constantly changing its routes and adding new obstacles to keep the routes fresh.

Mini ramp room

We have always stocked a wide range of products in our shop, and due to the popularity of the sports the shop is constantly updated with all the latest items you will need, including a vast range of skateboarding products, inline skates, clothing and accessories, scooters, safety protection, climbing and surfing equipment.

Many of the staff here are dedicated surfers and keep up to date with what's going on in the surf industry. Pro surfer Ben "Skin Dog" Skinner is a friend of Revolution Skatepark and also co-produced some limited edition boards which we now keep in stock.

We are always looking at how we can improve Revolution Skatepark and Climbing Centre, making it safer and exciting for everyone to use.

Our Staff

All our staff are highly dedicated to their sports and are highly skilled at what they do. They are very patient and support the kids whatever sport they choose to do. All staff are CRB checked and First Aid trained for your safety and protection.


Revolution Skatepark Ltd. also offers a consultancy service to companies and organisations who are thinking about setting up their own skateparks. We can provide information packs and one on one Q&A sessions with us. Prices are available upon request. For more information, e-mail:


Environmental Policy

Revolution Skatepark Ltd. operates with the environment in mind. You can download a copy of our environmental policy by visiting our downloads page.


Please be aware that any of the sports that take place at Revolution Skatepark can be considered dangerous. We cannot be held accountable to any participation of sports outside of our formally run activities. Safety equipment does not remove the possibility of injury but it helps to reduce the chance of injury both inside and outside of Revolution. We aim however to work to minimise the risk while maximising the enjoyment for all, there is always the chance of injury within an extreme sport. All advice is best practice and has been made as clear as possible, however Revolution Skatepark accepts no liability for accidents based upon any information or advice contained within this site. We accept no responsibility for content of any linked site.

Revolution Skatepark recommends that users of the park wear full protective equipment.